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JustABow would be lost without our brand reps. These girls are amazing. They are smart, active, and trendy. Meet our current reps below:


Soco Stylez is our CEO and everyday brand rep. She is a Puerto Rican/Aruban princess that is going places and taking us with her on her web series, Next Stop With JustaBXgirl. She is on-site at all the must-see kid events and hotspots around NYC and rocks her JustABow accessories wherever she goes.

Rebel Girl

Rebel Girl is our Green Queen. We know as soon as we get something green in stock that Rebel Girl will be all over it. Rebel Girl is a gamer girl that isn’t here to play games when it comes to style. She is an NYC based model.

Aaliyah Hope

Aaliyah is 8 years old. She loves bows and accessories. She also loves making YouTube videos. Make sure to subscribe to her channel for lots of fun.